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On Friday, July 23rd, St. Marys Station Gallery opoened its doors once more. Gallery summer hours are 11am to 4:30pm Tuesday to Sunday. Please note that Covid-19 restriction will be in place. Max 8 patrons at a time and mask wearing is in effect.

Eugen Florin Zamfirescu

See Florin’s Virtual Gallery and On Track Article
Growing up in Romania in the small town of Rîmnicu-Sărat, Zamfirescu and his friends would on occasion have to stop their game of street football and wait respectfully while a funeral procession made its way to the cemetery. A hired band of fiddles, brass, accordions, and drum usually accompanied the mourners.Hearing those implacable drumbeats brought on an epiphany for the young Zamfirescu: Time’s Arrow–the realization that time moves in one direction only, towards death. That early recognition of his own mortality stirred something in Zamfirescu: not despair or resignation, but curiosity. It is part of what drives this Renaissance man–as artist, philosopher, and student of science–to better understand the nature of time and the human attempt to transcend it: the age-old search for immortality. Read more in the On Track article.

On Track

For over a year now the Station Gallery has been “side tracked” from producing a printed Bulletin magazine which highlights the work of artists who are exhibiting at the gallery. We have added a new menu for this and will be adding more bulletins as time passes.

Virtual Galleries

We have been keeping busy this past year by creating online virtual galleries, and our current one is our 6th. Some of our previous virtual galleries can be found under the Exhibitions menu.

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Cameron Porteous

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Gallery Assistant

Hours Starting July 23, 2021
11 am to 4:30 pm Tuesday to Sunday. 

5 James St N, St. Marys ON N4X 1B1

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