rosemary sloot postcard

Rosemary - Memories of a Dutch Family's Immigration to Canada

See photos of the artwork currently in our physical gallery at the station. We also have on our YouTube channel the interview of Rosemary and her work by Jennifer Thorpe.
You can also see Rosemary’s work in our virtual gallery.

Upon the death of her mother, Rosemary’s family realizes that their mother regretted immigrating to Canada. To come to terms with what had transpired, Rosemary set about to tell their story on what immigration meant to the family. This collection of work took Rosemary Sloot 7 years to complete and still resonates with the artist today. The paintings are taken from “snapshots” of memories in occupied Holland. Moments capture leaving Holland, to disembarking from the Train in Canada, are superimposed on the environment of the new world. – Cameron Porteous

Our Fourth Online Exhibit

The 2020 pandemic has caused much of the season scheduled at the Station Gallery to be cancelled.This Pop Up exhibit kicks off the 2021 season at the Gallery re-establishing exhibits cancelled due to the pandemic. CO-VISION, a virtual exhibition featuring local artists who have been creating works of art during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many pieces are available at affordable prices. Check out the art! During this period of social restrictions many people have been busy with baking bread, home renovations, hobbies, and, this summer, long neglected gardening. The arts communities have also been busy in the privacy of their studios creating new works!See the article on our exhibit in the St. Marys Independent newspaper, pg. 13 and the Stratford Beacon Herald.

Cameron Porteous

Sylvie Verwaayen
Gallery Assistant

11 am to 4:30 pm Thursday to Saturday. Max 8 people. Masks required. 

5 James St N, St. Marys ON N4X 1

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