For over a year now the Station Gallery has been “side tracked” from producing a Bulletin magazine which highlighted the work of artists who are exhibiting at the gallery. The bulletin would have had interviews with the artists, insight into their work as well as a selection of colour photographs. This publication would show the wide diversity of artists in the St. Marys region who create wonderful works in a variety of styles and mediums. Twice the bulletin has been ready to go to press, but COVID-19 forced the gallery into lockdowns, and we had to stop publication. Like so many citizens and business in the town, all activities are put on hold. These delays made much of the bulletin, which had been created, irrelevant.

Due to this uncertainty of the times, the Station Gallery has decided to publish the articles on our Website under the title ON TRACK. The first articles will be THE LUMINOUS WORLD OF ANNA KOOT by Jennifer Thorpe and MASKS FROM THE ARCHIVES OF THE STRATFORD FESTIVAL by Lisa Giffen : Former Archivist Stratford Festival 2019. With the creation of ON TRACK, the Station Gallery will now be able to bring a “sneak preview” into future exhibits scheduled for the Gallery.

St Marys Station Gallery would like to thank the supporters of the Bulletin for their patients and hope that in the future we can once again attempt to publish the Station Gallery Bulletin. 

Enjoy our first edition with the links below. You will find the following navigation menu at the bottom of each page in the bulletin. 

Cameron Porteous  – Curator