Art of Candy McManiman

Candy McManiman has been honing her art and photography skills over the years. She is a Signature member of the International Artists for Conservation ( and a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Her paintings have been accepted in shows for both groups. Art with an environmental concern has also been displayed at Stanford University, Art-Nature Symposiums.

McManiman’s paintings tend to highlight the natural world, especially birds. She has developed her skills and has the ability to produce a very detailed realistic painting or more impressionistic style. She is always exploring new mediums and ideas and incorporating this new knowledge. She loves to go off on tangents and find new ways to depict birds. You may find birds painted in context we think of as sacred. By juxtapositioning birds there, she tries to elevate it to an iconic form.

Like most artist, McManiman has had a keen interest in art since childhood. She grew up in the Meaford area, taught there and near Algonquin Park. After returning to College she worked as an Interior Designer in Toronto before returning to teaching at Moosonee/ Moose Factory. Now retired from teaching Secondary Art, in Aylmer, she has the opportunity to visit other unique areas of the world.