Connecting with our community

Since our opening of our doors in 2016, we have endeavoured to make connections in our community with various groups and individuals.

Looking forward to 2020

  •  We welcome our Sponsors for this year including the town of St. Marys, the Rotary Club of St. Marys, McDonald Independent Grocer, Vet Purchasing, Graham Energy and Home Building Centre. 
  • Our first exhibit showcases 3 aboriginal artists. There will be a traditional blessing before the opening night festivities. 


  • Stone – In 2018, our curator approached both the Clicks photography group and Poetry Circle in St. Marys to create photographs and poetry which was organized as both an exhibit and book. The exhibit ran from Feb. 22 to April 6, 2019 and the book Stone has sold over 300 copies to date. We consider the book our “ambassador” in the community and engaged people of all ages and backgrounds. The youngest poet that was published was 17 years old.  
  • Holy Name of Mary School – With the success of Stone, with the direction of teacher, Caroline Brekelmans, her grade 6/7 class did their own version by taking their own photos and creating poetry and prose, then having an exhibit of their work at their school. 
    “As a teacher, finding ways to motivate students to explore and practice their talents, outside of our classroom walls, can really pay off in terms of their learning. Our gallery visit was certainly an inspiration for wonderful student photography and poetry writing.” – Caroline Brekelmans
  • School tours – We have local schools tour our exhibits throughout the year. 
  • School engagement – We engage with both the grade school and high school classes with tours and exhibits. 
  • Stratford Tour – Each year our gallery is on the route for the Stratford Arts Tour.
  • Open Doors St. Marys
  • Open Doors Ontario
  • Stratford Theatre –  With our curator, Cameron Porteous having a theatre design background, we have a wonderful connection with the Stratford Theatre. We had the exhibit, Fabulous Fakes this year that showcased props and archives. The chance to see some of the archived items was a treat for visitors. In 2020 we have an exhibit on the history of the Mask showcasing masks from the theatre.
  • Friends of the Gallery – we have around 12 volunteers who help us around the gallery helping us with setup and take down of exhibits, organize food for exhibit openings, organize our archives and other things, ????
  • Heather Meakin – The Gallery is hosted a free event which featured a talk by Heather Meakin – Rock, Paper, Memory: The Quest for Permanence, on Saturday, March 9 at 2 pm at the Gallery. Heather Meakin, is a Professor of English Literature and Creative Writing (Poetry).
  • Stonetown Arts – With this year dubbed as “Women’s Doubles” it included members of Stonetown Arts for various exhibits throughout the year. 
  • Donors for 2020 – We have approached both companies and service groups this year to help support our gallery and to date we have sponsorship from the St. Marys Rotary Club, Vet Purchasing, Home Building Supplies, Graham Fuels, Inner Wheel and McDonalds Independent grocer. 
  • Website presence – Since the creating of the current website in Nov. of 2018, as of Nov. 2019, our site has been visited by over 5000 people. 
  • Social Marketing – As of Nov. 2019 we have over 470 followers and have a reach of 3700 people per post. We put our information on not just Facebook but on Twitter and Instagram for each event. Eea


Poppy Art – This exhibit showcased the art of students from the Little Falls Public School and Holy Name of Mary Roman Catholic School.  – see the archived article from the St. Marys Independant paper.