photo of Janet and Krista

A Closer Look

This exhibition brings together 2 very talented women from the St. Marys region. The work of Krista Becket exhibits her mastery of the watercolour to create beauty of the common place of what we are so familiar with. Janet Shearn , who’s professional career as a Scenic Artist has her painting canvases of gigantic sizes , will be exhibiting her skill as a certified Botanical Artist.. Both artists are skilled in their powers of observation and craftsmanship which together can be seen in beautiful works of art. 


Janet Shearn’s studies reflect not only a love of the subject and its intricacies but an appreciation for its’ inherent movement, for the presence of life and for the very fragility and transience of nature itself. Unusual composition, textural detail and spatial arrangement on the page are important to her as I strive to capture drama in the shapes of shadows and negative space. 

“As much as I am drawn to the beauty, I am equally intrigued by the oddity or imperfection,” says Shearn.  In Janet’s own words, its very exciting to be exhibiting at the Station Gallery along with Krista Beckett and to share both my work and love of Botanical Art within our local community.   Preparing new pieces for this upcoming show has been both personally energizing and creatively fulfilling.”

Krista Beckett’s paintings are inspired by the sunlit colours and details of her rural surroundings. She muses that In day to day life, we often bypass the beauty of the commonplace; of what we are so familiar with we take for granted. Light and shadow continually transform these everyday scenes, bringing beauty and interest into our lives. Her goal is to connect viewers to the simple truth of the beauty around us and to experience joy in that connection.

Watercolour is a vibrant medium that allows a full range of values from the white of the paper to the deepest shades. By layering transparent washes, Krista begins the process of painting the contrasting shapes of light and shadow. As forms are built, surface details and textures are added.

Krista has a B.A. in Fine Arts. She loves to teach watercolour and drawing lessons to adults and children of all ages. Krista is a local artist from the St. Marys area.