Two Artist, Two Views, One Moment

A moment + visual distraction + a feeling + an inspiration + an idea + work + time = a painting

Annette Goodale

Annette’s passion is watercolour painting, and this transparent medium allows her to grasp the uniqueness of nature. Rural Southern Ontario, rugged Northern Ontario and the love of gardening are the inspirations that dominate Annette’s paintings. Annette has explored many mediums which led her to also venture into fused glass. The love of light and the laying of glass has provided her the opportunity to produce more abstract images in glass panels and functional pieces.  Website

Chantalle Marshall

The vibrant colours and the versatility of acrylic paints make it Chantelle’s medium of choice. Chantelle is drawn to everyday images that reflect her fascination with the abundance and interplay of colours in the world around us. Just as creating is a joyful act, Chantelle hopes to create a small moment of joy on the canvas for the viewer.

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