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The Gallery has an apportunity for local businesses and groups to support us through yearly funding. As you can see to the left, the levels of gold, silver and bronze are available.

We have been approaching local groups and companies but individuals and estates are welcome to participate. 

We are starting the funding program January 2020 and will go through that calendar year. With local and provincial funding being cut back, we are uncertain of attaining future funding. We are taking steps to keep our doors open.

We have been working dilligently and have submitted grant applications to various funding agencies and have not been successful so far. We need local help.

The gallery is in its 3rd season and we already have the 2020 season planned. We are starting now to plan for 2021.

With the success of our exhibit and book, Stone, the Gallery will be creating a Bulletin (magazine) in early 2020 showcasing not only local talent, but we also have permission from the Remai Modern Gallery in Saskatoon to have an article on  their Picasso collection. The Remai has the world’s largest collection of lino-cuts by Picasso. Yes, that’s right, in Saskatoon, SK.

We feel so fortunate to be able to bring this opportunity to St. Marys and area but we need local support to help pay for these types of opportunities. Our curator has connections in the arts community across Canada and we want to tap into those opportunities for future exhibits and bulletins.

Donor funding is to be finalized by the end of this year and will run for each calendar year.