Be a Friend of the Gallery

To apply to join Friends of the Gallery and volunteer at St. Marys Station Gallery, fill out our form.

By becoming a Friend you will play a vital role in the continuing support of the Gallery. You can be actively involved by participating in events and the workings of our exhibits or you can simply consider your fee a donation to the ongoing betterment of our Gallery and receive invitations and information.

  • Get the inside scoop via emails with invitations to Gallery functions such as presentations and special events.
  • Have your name (either individual, or company) prominently placed in the gallery and on our website.
  • 20% off of the cost of our yearly Art Bulletin which showcases articles from past artists on their processes.
  • $50/year individual, $150 business

How it helps

  • To have the satisfaction of playing a role in the Gallery's ability to bring unprecedented contemporary art to the city of St. Marys.
  • Your contribution makes possible an exciting yearly exhibition schedule.
  • Our mandate is to have 2 of our 6 exhibits per year from artists outside of our area and your support will help us pay for these exhibitions.
  • Supporting a local, grass roots gallery that not only supports local artists but endevours to bring art from afar.