Heather Ruthig - The Sculpted Tarot

For Heather Ruthig, designing a Tarot card deck has been an idea percolating for many years. It has become a reality with the help of her dear friend Stephanie Bickell. Stephanie’s support and help researching the symbolism of the cards and corresponding plants was invaluable. Ceramics is new to Heather, but a natural evolution to her practice. The urethane resin and silicone products that she used previously to create her sculptural pieces were too toxic for her to be comfortable to continue using. Ceramics has allowed Heather to do her artwork in a safer, less harmful way to the environment.

Each tarot are priced at $450 each except the Master which is $250. To learn more about each piece and its meaning, if you are on a desktop or laptop computer, place your cursor over the image and text will appear. On mobile, hold your finger on the image for 1 to 2 seconds and the text will appear. 

If you would like to purchase a piece, go to our Contact Us page, and fill out the form.