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Artist Statement
I find great joy in selecting items for a still life painting. Inspiration stems from form, shape, colour combinations and quite often intuitively from my Hungarian heritage. Purpose is the driving energy behind my work. Once at the easel I combine shapes, colours and forms that will dance well together. A pleasing arrangement enables good composition in the act of painting. It is essential to my work, the play of movement, rhythm within the painting surface, translating the real life objects and interpreting them as I go.

The finished painting conveys my experience and interpretation (what do I have to say), between still life and the energy and action of painting.

Artist Bio 
Vegso is currently based in London, Ontario. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Diploma in Design and Textiles from Sheridan College School of Design. During the 1990s she studied under accomplished painter Gordon Perrier of Hamilton. Vegso has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions across Ontario, Nova Scotia and in England. Paintings are in permanent collections of Art institutions and individuals.

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