Creative Digital Portraiture by Maaike Roosendaal

It is generally believed that what is considered a work of art includes the fact that the Artist has something to say to the person viewing the art work. This exhibition by Maaike Roosendaal is the perfect example of ‘Creative Photography’ as works of art. Every item in each photograph is created by the artist: wigs, headdresses, jewelry and, in some cases, the clothing. The models are staged, dressed and lit by the artist. The final touches are done on the computer by using photography software to create the environment, and to make the adjustments of colour, light and shade. The final image tells a story; a story personal to the artist.

Roosendaal states: “My art is meant to be whimsical, curious and mysterious, despite the 
sometimes desperate cry for help that they really are, a distraction from the pain of reality. It allows me to twist up a dark world into something beautiful, bold and colorful, work that I can drown in, and ultimately make peace with”.

In viewing the work one is reminded of the photographs by Vanity Fair fashion photographer Deborah Toubeville whose work in the book “Unseen Versailles” transcends the usual fashion photo to become works of art telling mysterious and beautiful stories. For the most part
Roosendaal’s stories are set in the myths and mysteries from the ‘ancient worlds’ of powerful goddesses.

Animations of many of the images below are available at The first animation listed is Steps to Fame. You will see all the other animations below, to the right of the screen. QR codes are available in the gallery for you to see the animations from your phone (or bring a tablet and get on the town’s wifi).  Click on an image below to see a larger version of it. 

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