Mary Louise White - Wishes & Dreams in Paper and Glass

Wishes and Dreams features the exceptional work by acclaimed St. Thomas artist Mary Louise White. Each glass garment in Wishes and Dreams holds a story. The fibers and weaves of the fabric, the style and manner of execution, the trim, the fastenings, the frugal or generous use of materials, the intention held in every decision that goes into the creation, selection, care and wearing of the garment holds deep significance. Whether it is handmade or chosen from a manufactured selection each dress has a history of careful and conscious actions.

Mary Louise states that Wishes and Dreams honours the promise of children. We and they have wishes and dreams about how their futures unfold. I wanted to capture the physicality as well as the context, purpose and emotional charge of each garment. These garments remind me that, like all of us, each child is a very distinct individual, each one blessed with unique gifts and abilities. These garments, among other things, remind me of Carl Sagan’s thoughts: Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious…….in a hundred billion galaxies you will not find another.

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