Sponsorship & Advertising

We are very excited to offer our sponsors for events and programs, advertising to our patrons and showcasing our sponsors’ support. 

As we now have our new website, we also have our Facebook, Twitter and Instragram platforms ready to spread the news of what’s happening at the Station Gallery and let the community know on what businesses are supporting us. Each show also has a poster and postcard design to advertise your support.  A win-win for all. 

What we offer

As mentioned above, we have our digital platforms ready to announce which companies are helping us with sponsorships. With that as well, we have our print channels like the posters and postcards that are created for each show that we will add your logo to. To add to the mix, we now have the opportunity of in-Gallery signage of a company’s or group’s support. 

Reaching an expanding audience

In the late stages of the 2018 season, we are already over 2000 visitors to the Gallery, not including the daily VIA passengers. As we keep growing, your reach will also increase as a Gallery sponsor.

interior of gallery

How it works

Web and digital platforms

  • Our shows range from 4-6 weeks in length. Check out our schedule to decide which one to support.
  • Your company logo will be placed on the front page of the Station Gallery website (next the show information) and our other social media platforms.
  • The company logo will be a reciprocal link back to the company’s website.
  • When the show is over, the company logo will migrate to the sponsorship page where it will stay there until the end of the year. 
  • Your company’s support will be advertised on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms. 


  • For each show, we produce a poster and postcards that will have your logo printed on them. 

And now the investment

In-Gallery signage

Support a Show
$350 per show 
We can accommodate 1 to 2 sponsors per show where with two, the co-sponsors can share the cost.

Support Gallery A or B
$500 for either for the year.

Your company logo will be prominantly displayed on your chosen gallery side for the year. 

Your support will also be added to our digital and print assets. 


Contact Us

Contact us if require more information.