Lionel Venne

“Northern Journey” an exhibition by Northern Ontario artist Lionel Venne at the St. Marys Station Gallery. Lionel Venne has gained a respected reputation for his art (watercolours, acrylics, collage, printmaking and textile arts) across Canada and internationally with exhibitions in Ontario, Queen Charlotte Islands , Melbourne Australia and Trento Italy. Born in 1936, Lionel has created art since a young child to this day. Lionel moved to Elk Lake,in 1983 (population 420,) where he resides today. His art reflects his love for the Northern landscape which he interprets in an abstract form Over time his art has changed as he explores new materials that create texture in his paintings, tapestries and sculptures. These works reflect a feeling about the Northern world he lives in. There are more unframed pieces of art for sale at the gallery.These pieces are in cellophane sleeves and sell for $400 each (unframed). Any labels with a red dot 🔴 indicates that the art has sold.